Primal Nature by Monique Singleton

This is the second book that Emer has reviewed for me. Really appreciate your work and it made my content so much better. Thanks a lot, Emer. I will get in touch as soon as the next book is ready for review.

Happiness and Success: Evidence-Based Strategies for Success by Michael Hunt

Emer edited and proofread my book, just before publishing. The book is just over 70,000 words and she must have made at least 1000 edits. I reviewed every edit and did not need to correct any of them! She not only fixed my mistakes, but she suggested better words and ways to express my thoughts. She even picked up where I repeated myself, used acronyms without explaining them and other errors that could only have been picked up by reading and trying to deeply understand what I had written, and the ideas I was trying to express. She delivered on time, as promised. I am super impressed and will use her for any other editing and proofreading work I need.

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To Live Is To Die First by Eli Darzi

This book is not easy to edit. It required a significant amount of editing to improve the understanding and the meaning of the sentences for an adequate editing. I was amazed by her job and the ability to change complicated sentences without losing their meaning. Emer is a sharp and smart editor. 

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Devil’s Glen by Matthew Speak

Emer was absolutely amazing. She offered me a very reasonable rate to edit my novel and then did a masterful job of cleaning it up and getting it ready. She delivered the work very quickly and on time. I am so grateful to her for the amazing edit job and for her very helpful and concise notes. 

For more about Matthew, you can visit his website: