My Road to Freelance Freedom!

Hello Everyone,
It’s time. My new career path has beckoned. And I, like so many nowadays, have eschewed the 9-5 office job for dawn til dusk, my office is the world, freelancing.
Many there are a few out there thinking about taking the plunge but are not sure where to start. So I wanted to share my path to freelancing and hope that it inspires many out there to have the faith to spend your life doing what you really want.

So, I started out in Psychology but switched to Neuroscience for a more ‘secure’ career path (or so I thought). I enjoyed the variety of work involved and did so for a number of years. One of my daily tasks was writing and reading others’ work and after a time, I was involved with assessing research journal submissions and in contact with editors, which I loved (but I didn’t realise this til much later).

After a number of years, a change of scene beckoned, so I moved to Italy. And besides my daily research, I helped colleagues by checking their written documents and helped correct them when necessary. I actually did monetise this then as I was one of the very few native English speakers working there at the time. But I still didn’t realise the potential…sigh…

A quick shift back to work in Ireland eventually led to being downsized so I hit the road and travelled for almost two years. And that’s when the penny finally dropped. While lounging on the Caribbean coast of Mexico, I started writing some content and reaching out through freelancer websites. And so I have continued…
It took me four months to build a reputation at first and do some small jobs, and now, 16 months later, I am hitting my previous ‘career’ salary every month with my proofreading work and have maintained this for the last three months. My goal is to grow this even further.

I am now fully committed to being a freelance editor and the work continues to come. So now it’s onwards and upwards through the Social Media jungle to reach out and connect with people who love what they’re doing as much as I do. I will post updates on my journey to help anyone out there possible!